PAM Agricultural Producers Montalbano Soc. Coop.

VIALE EUROPA 318 – 51039 Quarrata (PT)

Tel: 0573-735111
Fax: 0573-735522

The PAM Cooperative oil mill is located in the municipality of Quarrata in the locality? Campiglio. Inaugurated in 1981 thanks to the initiative of some local farmers, this structure currently represents over 1000 olive growers from the entire province of Pistoia, especially from the Montalbano area. In the oil mill there are 3 continuous cycle processing lines capable of crushing about 60 quintals of olives / hour. Over 20,000 quintals of olives are pressed annually, guaranteeing an average production of about 3000 quintals of oil, most of which is destined for self-consumption. The mill markets extra virgin olive oil with the Tuscan IGP designation. For the purchase we recommend a direct visit